Hey! I'm Fumple and welcome to my website!

I like programming and making Discord bots

About me

I'm male and I'm from Poland! Can't think of anything else to put here rn...

My links

(Most of these aren't really active, but they're there!) Fumple /Funple Fumple#0001 /Fumple Funple

My tools

discord/userinfo - Info about your Discord account and the servers you're in //dinfo.fumple.pl/ - New beta version of the tool above

My mods

Splatoon 2

To run these mods you need Atmosphere
Need help with these mods? Go to the Splatoon Modding Discord server where there are many smart and nice people

Inkipedia Shirt

Video - Download

Collapsing Fly Octo Fly

Video - Download

Octo Expansion Boss except with MCC music

Video - Download

Contact me

Looking to contact me? You can email [click to show email]

R.I.P. Tomek

2010 - 2nd March 2022
My favorite cat, who would always jump onto the sofa in the living room and sit next to me when I called him, no matter how little energy he had due to a disease (or potentially cancer) he had (the cancer never got confirmed, but the vet was suspecting that he might have one, he was supposed to have it diagnosed a couple days after that day)

I might put more text here later, but it's not easy for me to type this...
It's the first time someone close to me... died :(
Section last updated: 3rd March 2022